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"Literacy truly enriches our wellbeing, gifting us amazing journeys to share, opening our world beyond not only what we see but what we can't."
Lisa G.

Associate Member of the Australian Society of Authors and a member of Writers Victoria, I have not long published my first novel RUMLA - The Circle, off the back of 10 years experience in primary literacy education, 6 years in integration and a lifetime love of words and the world of books.

Having established early an appreciation of the power of words and the freedom in writing, I began writing political poems based on my opinions of justice as a 12 year old. Inparticular, poverty and the lack of compassion in a world which has enough money that everyone should live well.  At 14, much time was spent writing lyrics and rhyme about heartbreak and love.  At just 15 and after my first long term boyfriend was killed in a car accident I was also to be a passenger but was not,  poems of loss  prevailed.

In my favourite spot, sitting under the massive canopy of a snowball tree and turning everyday situations into magical adventures, at 16 years old I wrote my first rhyming children's story, which was to become the first in a series of five Childrens books I am now working towards publishing.

Skip 10 years on, into  my mid twenties  and my love affair with writing escalated  with my first young adult novel 'Changing Faces' - a story of the games, mirrors and masks teenage life wears.  But add a virus to an almost complete novel of which I had no backup copy and the exciting impending birth of my second child, I said a super difficult goodbye  after  abandoned thoughts of re-writing .

In love with motherhood and incredibily busy with my two boys,  I put both my dream of writing a novel and  serious writing  time  and on hold. However, the monitorium wasn't to be for long  as writing  is  not something I choose to do, it is who I am.  As idea's tumbled continuously, my furiously  active imagination  spilled  over, to produce the additional and remaining four childrens story books in the Childrens Bookself -Tall Tales Series. 

Moving forward into my thirties and with both children at school, I entered the world of education and literacy in a whole new light.  With reading and the love of books the foundation of our home, I was totally shocked to discover many children were entering school with little to no reading ability. I discovered also, there existed a real struggle dotted across all grades to harness basic literacy skills and the  comprehension to read. Deeper involvement proved quite quickly the skill of letter/phonetic recognition was almost non existent. This was unacceptable to me.

Passionate that everyone should be supported in developing literacy and that a life without robs minds of the wonderful world of books, of idea's, imagination and personal growth, I set about making a difference. Obtaining formal literacy primary education qualifications, it was during a PD set task which was not supposed to have been so easy or entertaining, that RUMLA sprung to life; much to my lecturers and my surprise...and I think  just a little bit, his frustration.

That the intriguing story  sprung from a  session designed to highlight the challenge of writing a narrative  spontaneously as an adult in comparsion to the experiences for primary ages students was well....unexptected to say the least.  Being that students do not benefit as we do, from extended life experience and established literacy skills it is of course a terrifying difficult almost impossible task for them. But here it was, a delicious tale.  Astounding both my lecturer and myself, we  wondered not only where it came from but where it could  possibly go. A strange time to start a novel perhaps but writing knows nothing of time. as it so happens. Hence, why idea's are best after midnight and before sunrise.

It was 12 months later I picked what was to be RUMLA,  up again. My thinking was... why not just try, who knows, I just might surprise myself.  So I did.  And I kept at it.

Eight years on whilst juggling work, being a mum  and a busy life it has been a rollercoaster. A result  of  jotting  down the zillion ideas that followed, combining them with  'that' spontaneous tale,  some serious research and letting go, giving myself over totally to my imagination,  re-working my manuscript over and over and over, I have worked hard to achieve my childhood dream.  It's equally a WOW moment and monumentally surreal to  have your dream stare back at you from the bookstore shelves of READERS EMPORIUM and see it listed on Amazon, Booktopia and Barnes and Noble.   Can not thank enough the  pioneer readers  of RUMLA, who shouted praises and confirmed RUMLA well and truly deserves  a  bookhelf spot next to their favourite authors.

My hopes for those who read  my books is to lose themselves in them as deeply as I lived them when writing.

 Is there more to come, I hear you ask?

Well, that is like asking is there more chocolate.
And there is always more chocolate!  

Lisa G

Born 1969,  Lisa G  lives in beautiful regional Victoria with her husband, two boys and very importantly, her much adored Cheweenie, Lilly.

Everything...writing inspiration is everywhere!  On a personal level as an everyday gal... my family, my girlfriends, being thrown into the unknown and the kindness of others.

There are many!  So many talented writers! But I do really love James Moloney, Matthew Reilly, Raymond.E.Fiest, J.K.Rowling, Enid Blyton and James Rowlings.

Again...there are many and they are all different it is a difficult question to answer!  How do you compare Lindt mint chocolate and Lindt Dark... there both addictive!
Books speak  strongly and impact uniquely and signifcantly.  I think it is  impossible to have an absolute outright favourite.  My earliest fav is George Orwells 1984  and  ANNE FRANK"S, The Diary of Anne Frank.  I consider The Book of Lies  trilogy by James Moloney absolutely gripping....I know my family disappeared when I lost myself in his story telling. The adventure, twists, turns and mystery of  any Matthew Reilly book - and I've read them ALL,  just wisps me away.  I just love books. Anything that takes me away is the perfect fit for  a  spot on my favourites.


I dance in the shower everyday, every time.
Don't trust me with your chocolate!

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