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"A tree's magnificence is in each bud's ability to reach it's full potiential in it own time.
Such is the life of writing."

Established 15 February 2016,
Lillipad Press is the creative & collective enterprise of  Australian Author
Lisa G.Books.

With an uncompromising and clear vision for debuting novel  RUMLA  - The Circle, including how she wished to be represented in the market,  Lisa G stepped away from traditional and assisted publishing, taking the reins herself and driving her dreams forward on her own terms.  From raw manuscript to market ready novel, all aspects of conversion, book production and publishing processes were directed and managed by Lillipad Press, representing today's  boldly growing  Indie publishing  revolution.  

With a long term view to assisting aspiring writers, Lillipad Press provides links and inspiration in the hope to  help  others realise their dreams. 

What's in the name?

The lily flower represents devotion and humilty. Capturing my mindset in establishing my own publishing house Lillipad Press, I felt the symbolism perfectly embodied who I am. Additionally the lily's message of 'embracing your own power' reflects the thinking behind my drive that I only need 'believe I was capable'    in order  to achieve my dreams.  Encompassed within the lily also is the message that renewal is just around the corner, that the end of one thing heralds the beginning of another. Incredibily relevant and powerful, not only did this thinking help me push through many challenges but it is remarkably the opening of RUMLA, capturing the idea of life as a circle ,  where everything in one way or another is connected.

The most amazing aspect to the naming is that Lillipad Press and selection of the  Lily as my monogram was that it occured until a well after  RUMLA was  completed.  Co-incidently it is also the name of my beloved puppy. And, strangely also happens to be the artists name of my childhood caricature - something I found just days after deciding on Lillipad Press.

The naming is one of beautiful and many accidental co-incidences gifted to me on the wondrous RUMLA ride. It is totally fascinating how things just come together, fit neatly like they were always meant to be . Almost pre-planned. Magical.

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